• Deliverable D1.1 “Channel Modeling and Transceiver Design for Ultra-Short range Optical Wireless Links” 
  • Deliverable D1.2 “Proof of Concepts Demonstrators”


  • Deliverable D2.1 “PHY design for indoor WA serving multiple users with mobility and for resource-constrained embedded devices within targeted short-range IoT scenarios; Development of high-accuracy OCC/VLC-based indoor localization and sensing techniques in indoor and outdoor smart environments.”
  • Deliverable D2.2 “Development of PoC Demonstrators for a Number of Selected Applications”

WG2 Milestones

  • Milestone M2.1 “System Design for VLC Short-range IoT and for Multi-user Scenarios” 
  • Milestone M2.2 “Development of OCC-VLC Positioning Systems”
  • Milestone M2.3 “System Implementation and Experimental Evaluation”


  • Deliverable D3.1 “Transceiver designs for VLC solutions, as well as advanced PHY solutions for FSO links”
  • Deliverable D3.2 “Development of experimental prototypes and field trials for the evaluation of proposed solutions under different environmental conditions”

WG3 Milestones

  • Milestone M3.1 “VLC and FSO Channel modelling & PHY and MAC design” 
  • Milestone M3.2 “VLC and FSO systems implementation and evaluation”


WG4 Milestones

  • Milestone M4.1 “Long Range Links – Channel Modelling and Transmission Schemes for UV and airborne IR Links”
  • Milestone M4.2 “Long Range Optical Wireless Field Trial Implementation and Evaluation”